Holiday Monday

Take advantage of the holiday Monday, May 23, just after the convention, to explore our beautiful region.

Bicycle path “P'tit train du Nord”

From its starting point in Mont-Laurier, this bicycle trail boasts 200 km of breathtaking scenery. Built on an old railway track, its straight and level path should make the amateur cyclist happy.

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 Montagne du Diable


The Devil’s Mountain

When we think of astronomy, iwe also think of infinity.Of the infinite universe. At the Devil’s Mountain, the black of night pervading the forest is so bright that one can only look up at the sky, as if attracted into by a magnetic force. Due to the forest’s location, there is no light pollution or interference from human activities nearby to disturb this dazzling lnorthern show.
Thousands of stars twinkle as signs of presence and joy. Others, steadier, are the planets that revolve around us.
To infinity and beyond ... the celestial sphere also shows groupings of stars or constellations.
Spend the night (May 22 to 23) in our huts to enjoy the stars. Book early.

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La bourgade

Looking for a favorite spot on the edge of a beautiful and quiet lake? We offer you accommodation in traditional Sioux teepees. Also, the baths of Lake Marie-Louise (Finnish Sauna, Spa & Therapeutic steam bath), an ecological trail with nature interpretation panels (fauna and flora) including stuffed and mounted animal exhibits around the tee-pee village La Bourgade ...

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 village de tee-pee

Les Bains du lac Marie-Louise

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